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Ships are often sunk in order to create underwater reefs (暗礁) perfect for scuba diving (水肺式潜泳) and preserving marine __26__. Turkish authorities have just sunk something a little different than a ship, and it wouldn't normally ever touch water, an Airbus A300. The hollowed-out A300 was __27__ of everything potentially harmful to the environment and sunk off the Aegean coast today. Not only will the sunken plane __28__ the perfect skeleton for artificial reef growth, but authorities hope this new underwater attraction will bring tourists to the area.

The plane __29__ a total length of 54 meters, where experienced scuba divers will __30__ be able to venture through the cabin and around the plane's __31__ Aydin Municipality bought the plane from a private company for just under US $ 100, 000, but they hope to see a return on that __32__ through the tourism industry. Tourism throughout Turkey is expected to fall this year as the country has been the __33__ of several deadly terrorist attacks. As far as sunken planes go, this Airbus A300 is the largest __34__ sunk aircraft ever.

Taking a trip underwater and __35__ the inside of a sunken A300 would be quite an adventure, and that is exactly what Turkish authorities are hoping this attraction will make people think. Drawing in adventure seekers and experienced divers, this new artificial Airbus reef will be a scuba diver's paradise (天堂).

A) create

B) depressed

C) eventually

D) experiences

E) exploring

F) exterior

G) habitats

H) innovate

I) intentionally

J) investment

K) revealing

L) stretches

M) stripped

N) territory

O) victim

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For this part, you are allowed 80 minutes to write a news report to your campus newspaper on a volunteer activity organized by your Student Union to assist elderly people in the neighborhood. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

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Students from the School of Physics took part in a volunteer activity organized by the Student Union to assist elderly people in the neighborhood this weekend, bringing them great laughter and joy.

With the increasing awareness of the aging of population, the whole society sets out to take better care of and show more respect for our senior citizens for their lifelong dedication and commitment to our society. In response to the call, this weekend a group of volunteers went to the local community to communicate with the elderly and help them with some housework. Much pleased at their coming, all the elderly people expressed their sincere thanks for young volunteers' company. In the light of many adult children not being able to visit their aging parents frequently, many old people have to endure loneliness. Thus, what matters most to than is the company and listening attentively is just a good idea.

The Student Union expressed their willingness to sponsor more meaningful activities like this to serve our society with college students' passion and talents.





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Professor Ashok Goel of Georgia Tech developed an artificially intelligent teaching assistant to help handle the enormous number of student questions in the online class, Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence. This online course is a core requirement of Georgia Tech's online Master of Science in Computer Science program. Professor Goel already had eight teaching assistants, but that wasn't enough to deal with the overwhelming number of daily questions from students.

Many students drop out of online courses because of the lack of teaching support. When students feel isolated or confused and reach out with questions that go unanswered, their motivation to continue begins to fade. Professor Goel decided to do something to remedy this situation and his solution was to create a virtual assistant named Jill Watson, which is based on the IBM Watson platform.

Goel and his team developed several versions of Jill Watson before releasing her to the online forums. At first, the virtual assistant wasn't too great. But Goel and his team sourced the online discussion forum to find all the 40,000 questions that had ever been asked since the class was launched. Then they began to feed Jill with the questions and answers. After some adjustments and sufficient time, Jill was able to answer the students' questions correctly 97% of the time. The virtual assistant became so advanced and realistic that the students didn't know she was a computer. The students, who were studying artificial intelligence, were interacting with the virtual assistant and couldn't tell it apart from a real human being. Goel didn't inform them about Jill's true identity until April 26. The students were actually very positive about the experience.

The goal of Professor Goel's virtual assistant next year is to take over answering 40% of all the questions posed by students on the online forum. The name Jill Watson will, of course, change to something else

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佐治亚理工学院的 Ashok Goel 教授开发了一种人工智能助教,以帮助处理在线课程“基于知识的人工智能”中的大量学生问题。该在线课程是佐治亚理工学院计算机科学在线硕士课程的核心要求。Goel 教授已经有八名助教,但这还不足以应付学生每天提出的海量问题。

许多学生因为缺乏教学支持而退出在线课程。当学生感到孤立或困惑并提出未得到解答的问题时,他们继续学习的动力开始减弱。Goel 教授决定采取一些措施来补救这种情况,他的解决方案是创建一个名为 Jill Watson 的虚拟助手,它基于 IBM Watson 平台。

Goel 和他的团队在将 Jill Watson 发布到在线论坛之前开发了多个版本。起初,虚拟助手并不太好。但是 Goel 和他的团队找到了在线讨论论坛,以查找自课程推出以来所提出的所有 40,000 个问题。然后他们开始用问题和答案喂吉尔。经过一些调整和充足的时间,吉尔能够正确回答学生问题的概率为 97%。虚拟助手变得如此先进和现实,以至于学生们都不知道她是一台电脑。正在学习人工智能的学生正在与虚拟助手互动,无法将其与真人区分开来。Goel 直到 4 月 26 日才告诉他们吉尔的真实身份。学生们实际上对这次经历非常积极。

Goel 教授的虚拟助理明年的目标是接管回答学生在在线论坛上提出的所有问题的 40%。吉尔沃森这个名字当然会在下学期改成别的名字。Goel 教授对人工智能的未来前景比埃隆·马斯克、斯蒂芬·霍金、比尔·盖茨或史蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克要乐观得多。

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Textbooks represent an 11 billion dollar industry, up from $8 billion in 2014. Textbook publisher Pearson is the largest publisher -- of any kind -- in the world.

It costs about $1 million to create a new textbook. A freshman textbook will have dozens of contributors, from subject-matter experts through graphic and layout artists to expert reviewers and classroom testers. Textbook publishers connect professors, instructors and students in ways that alternatives, such as open e-textbooks and open educational resources, simply do not. This connection happens not only by means of collaborative development, review and testing, but also at conferences where faculty regularly decide on their textbooks and curricula for the coming year.

It is true that textbook publishers have recently reported losses, largely due to students renting or buying used print textbooks. But this can be chalked up to the excessively high cost of their books -- which has increased over 1,000 percent since 1977. A restructuring of the textbook industry may well be in order. But this does not mean the end of the textbook itself.

While they may not be as dynamic as an iPad, textbooks are not passive or lifeless. For example, over the centuries, they have simulated (模拟) dialogues in a number of ways. From 1800 to the present day, textbooks have done this by posing questions for students to answer inductively (归纳性地). That means students are asked to use their individual experience to come up with answers to general questions. Today's psychology texts, for example, ask: "How much of your personality do you think you inherited?" while ones in physics say: "How can you predict where the ball you tossed will land?"

Experts observe that "textbooks come in layers, something like an onion." For an active learner, engaging with a textbook can be an interactive experience. Readers proceed at their own pace. They "customize" their books by e

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创建一本新教科书的成本约为 100 万美元。一本新生教科书将有数十名贡献者,从主题专家到图形和布局艺术家,再到专家评审员和课堂测试员。教科书出版商以开放电子教科书和开放教育资源等替代品无法做到的方式将教授、教师和学生联系起来。这种联系不仅通过协作开发、审查和测试来实现,而且还通过教师定期决定来年教科书和课程的会议来实现。

的确,教科书出版商最近报告了亏损,主要是由于学生租用或购买使用过的印刷教科书。但这可以归结为他们的书籍成本过高——自 1977 年以来已经增加了 1,000% 以上。教科书行业的重组很可能是有序的。但这并不意味着教科书本身的终结。

虽然它们可能不像 iPad 那样充满活力,但教科书并不是被动的或毫无生气的。例如,几个世纪以来,他们以多种方式模拟对话。从1800年到现在,教科书都是通过提问归纳性地回答学生的。这意味着要求学生利用他们的个人经验来回答一般问题。例如,今天的心理学课文会问:“你认为你继承了多少个性?”而物理学中的人说:“你怎么能预测你扔的球会落在哪里?”


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Finally, some good news about airplane travel. If you are on a plane with a sick passenger, you are unlikely to get sick. That is the __26__ of a new study that looked at how respiratory (呼吸道) viruses __27__ on airplanes. Researchers found that only people who were seated in the same row as a passenger with the flu, for example -- or one row in front of or behind that individual -- had a high risk of catching the illness. All other passengers had only a very __28__ chance of getting sick, according to the findings. Media reports have not necessarily presented __29__ information about the risk of getting infected on an airplane in the past. Therefore, these new findings should help airplane passengers to feel less __30__ to catching respiratory infections while traveling by air.

Prior to the new study, little was known about the risks of getting __31__ infected by common respiratory viruses, such as the flu or common cold, on an airplane, the researchers said. So, to __32__ the risks of infection, the study team flew on 10 different __33__ in the U.S. during the flu season. The researchers found that passengers sitting within two seats on __34__ side of a person infected with the flu, as well as those sitting one row in front of or behind this individual, had about an 80 percent chance of getting sick. But other passengers were __35__ safe from infection. They had a less than 3 percent chance of catching the flu.

A) accurate

B) conclusion

C) directly

D) either

E) evaluate

F) explorations

G) flights

H) largely

I) nearby

J) respond

K) slim

L) spread

M) summit

N) vividly

O) vulnerable

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Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on are people becoming addicted to technology. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

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Nowadays, we are witnessing a surge in technology in all aspects. People’s views vary greatly on whether this trend are causing people’s addiction. In my point of view, being immersed in a sea of technology will definitely harm people’s life, even make them become addicted.

For one thing, despite the fact that some technologies, are invented to help people, many of them are made to attract people’s attention and make profit. Unaware of this, one would easily get trapped in the world of technology, like computer technology, and lose himself. For another, since most of us are living in a highly digitalized society, few can escape from the influence of their friends and families who are already addicts to technology.

All in all, without strict government restriction and proper guidance on computer technology, people are exposed to the risk of being addicted. It is also necessary for everyone to resist this temptation and maintain good self-discipline.






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Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on whether violent video games online will cause students’ violent behaviors. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

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Nowadays, violent video games online have become increasingly popular among students. Many people hold the view that such violent games can cause propensity for violence while others think that those games are only created for fun.

In my opinion, such games do lead to a tendency of violence to some extent. On the one hand, students are easier to be misguided by some violent behaviors in those games since they are not mature enough to tell right from wrong. Consequently, they will probably imitate these behaviors in real life. On the other hand, some students can do what are forbidden in real life while permitted in these games, during which they gradually develop the quality of violence and become easier to make aggressive behaviors when conflicting with others.

To sum up, I think we should reduce our time spent on those violent video games and do more meaningful things to live our life to the fullest.






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龙井 (Longing) 是一种绿茶,主要产自中国东部沿海的浙江省。龙井茶独特的香味和口感为其赢得了“中国名茶”的称号,在中国深受大众的欢迎,在海外饮用的人也越来越多。龙井茶通常手工制作,其价格可能极其昂贵,也可能比较便宜。这取决于生长地、采摘时间和制作工艺。龙井茶富含维生素C和其它多种有益健康的元素。经常喝龙井茶有助于减轻疲劳,延缓衰老。

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Longing is a kind of green tea, which is mainly produced in Zhejiang Province on the east coast of China. The tea has won the title of "Famous Tea of China" for its unique flavor and taste. It is widely beloved in China, and more and more people drink it overseas. The tea is usually handmade. Its price can be extremely expensive or relatively cheap, which depends on the place it grows, the time it is picked and the way in which it is processed. The tea is rich in vitamin C and many other healthy elements. Regular drinking of Longing helps to reduce fatigue and delay aging.


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Celebrities'Words on Weibo

At present, celebrities'Weibo posts have become an important source of releasing information and creating public opinions. Various media are also keen on disseminating opinions expressed by celebrities on their Weibo posts, collaborating to make them become hot issues. As celebrities and public figures have numerous fans and a greater right of say, they should be more obligated than ordinary people to take more responsibilities for the society. When making their remarks on Weibo, celebrities should take a responsible attitude and exercise their freedom of speech with caution.


1.信息发布和舆论制造:可译为release information and create public opinions,其中“舆论”即公众的观点,可译为public opinions。


3.话语权:翻译为right of say,为固定表达,也可译为freedom of speech。

4.以负责任的态度谨慎使用…:翻译为be responsible and careful in using...

10 问答题 1分


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People in diferent parts of China have a variety of diets. In the north the staplefood is pasta, while in the south rice.In coastal areas,seafood and freshwater productsmake up a large part of the local diet, while in other areas, mcat and dairy products aremore common on the table.People in Sichuan。Hunan and other provinces generallyprefer spicy food,while people in Jiangsu and Zhejiang prefer sweet food.However,due to different cooking methods, similar foods may taste different from one another.


本套题目总体难度中等,绝大部分词汇和短语在英语中均有对应的表达,因此同学们直译即可。如果个别词汇造成翻译障碍,头脑中没有对应的英文表达,同学们要尝试变换对原文的理解,以便用上自己熟悉的英文表达方式,比如“占有相当大的比例”,如果“比例”(proportion)这样的词,脑海中根本没有对应的英文表达,那么一定要迅速进行原文的再理解,“相当大的比例”其实就是“很大一部分”,因此译为a big part of也是完全可以接受的