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1 问答题 2分

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on are people becoming addicted to technology. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

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Nowadays, we are witnessing a surge in technology in all aspects. People’s views vary greatly on whether this trend are causing people’s addiction. In my point of view, being immersed in a sea of technology will definitely harm people’s life, even make them become addicted.

For one thing, despite the fact that some technologies, are invented to help people, many of them are made to attract people’s attention and make profit. Unaware of this, one would easily get trapped in the world of technology, like computer technology, and lose himself. For another, since most of us are living in a highly digitalized society, few can escape from the influence of their friends and families who are already addicts to technology.

All in all, without strict government restriction and proper guidance on computer technology, people are exposed to the risk of being addicted. It is also necessary for everyone to resist this temptation and maintain good self-discipline.






2 问答题 2分

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on whether violent video games online will cause students’ violent behaviors. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

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Nowadays, violent video games online have become increasingly popular among students. Many people hold the view that such violent games can cause propensity for violence while others think that those games are only created for fun.

In my opinion, such games do lead to a tendency of violence to some extent. On the one hand, students are easier to be misguided by some violent behaviors in those games since they are not mature enough to tell right from wrong. Consequently, they will probably imitate these behaviors in real life. On the other hand, some students can do what are forbidden in real life while permitted in these games, during which they gradually develop the quality of violence and become easier to make aggressive behaviors when conflicting with others.

To sum up, I think we should reduce our time spent on those violent video games and do more meaningful things to live our life to the fullest.






3 问答题 2分

龙井 (Longing) 是一种绿茶,主要产自中国东部沿海的浙江省。龙井茶独特的香味和口感为其赢得了“中国名茶”的称号,在中国深受大众的欢迎,在海外饮用的人也越来越多。龙井茶通常手工制作,其价格可能极其昂贵,也可能比较便宜。这取决于生长地、采摘时间和制作工艺。龙井茶富含维生素C和其它多种有益健康的元素。经常喝龙井茶有助于减轻疲劳,延缓衰老。

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Longing is a kind of green tea, which is mainly produced in Zhejiang Province on the east coast of China. The tea has won the title of "Famous Tea of China" for its unique flavor and taste. It is widely beloved in China, and more and more people drink it overseas. The tea is usually handmade. Its price can be extremely expensive or relatively cheap, which depends on the place it grows, the time it is picked and the way in which it is processed. The tea is rich in vitamin C and many other healthy elements. Regular drinking of Longing helps to reduce fatigue and delay aging.


4 问答题 2分

铁观音 (Tieguanyin) 是中国最受欢迎的茶之一,原产自福建省安溪县西坪镇。如今安溪全县普遍种植,但该县不同地区生产的铁观音又各具风味。铁观音一年四季均可采摘,尤以春秋两季采摘的茶叶品质最佳。铁观音加工非常复杂,需要专门的技术和丰富的经验。铁观音含有多种维生素,喝起来口感独特。常饮铁观音有助于预防心脏病、降低血压、增强记忆力。

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Tieguanyin is one of the most popular genes of tea in China, originated in Xiping Town, Anxi County, Fujian Province. Nowadays, it is widely planted in Anxi County, but Tieguanyin produced in different areas of the county has different flavors. The tea can be picked all year round, and the tea picked in spring and autumn is especially of the best quality. The processing of Tieguanyin is extremely complex and requires special technology and rich experience. The tea contains a variety of vitamins and tastes unique. Regular drinking of it can help prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure and enhance memory.


5 问答题 2分


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Pu'er Tea is deeply loved by Chinese people. The best Pu'er Tea is produced in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, where the climate and environment provide the best conditions for the growth of Pu'er Tea trees. Pu'er Tea is dark in color and tastes completely different from other teas. The longer the Pu'er Tea is brewed, the tastier it is. Its unique aroma and taste attract many tea lovers. Pu'er Tea contains a variety of healthy elements. It can help protect the heart and blood vessels, reduce weight, eliminate fatigue, and promote digestion.


6 问答题 2分

Directions:In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required to select one word for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage. Read the passage through carefully before making your choices. Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter. Please mark the corresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. You may not use any of the words in the bank more than once.

The things people make, and the way they make them, determine how cities grow and decline, and influence how empires rise and fall. So, any disruption to the world’s factories 26_____. And that disruption is surely coining. Factories are being digitised, filled with new sensor and new computers to make them quicker, more 27_____, and more efficient.

Robots are breaking free from the cages that surround them, learning new skills and new ways of working. And 3D printers have long 28_____ a world where you can make anything, anywhere, from a computerised design. That vision is 29_____ closer to reality. These forces will lead to cleaner factories, producing better goods at lower prices, personalised to our individual needs and desires. Humans will be 30_____ many of the dirty, repetitive, and dangerous jobs that have long been a 31_____ of factory life.

Greater efficiency 32_____ means fewer people can do the same work. Yet factory bosses in many developed countries are worried about a lack of skilled human workers—and see 33_____ and robots as a solution. But economist Helena Leurent says this period of rapid change in manufacturing is a 34_____ opportunity to make the world a better place. “Manufacturing is the one system where you have got the biggest source of innovation, the biggest source of economic growth, and the biggest source of great jobs in the past. You can see it changing. That’s an opportunity to 35_____ that system differently, and if we can, it will have tremendous significa

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26K  本题考查的是动词。句意:“因此,对世界上工厂的任何破坏都有很重要的意义。”空格处缺动词。意为“有关系,要紧”,与题意相符,故选K。

27G  本题考查的是形容词。句意:“工厂正在被数字化,到处都在使用新的传感器和新的计算机,工厂运转得更快,更灵活,更有效率。”根据空格前的more判定,空格处缺形容词。意为“灵活的”,与题意相符,故选G。

28M  本题考查的是动词。句意:“长期以来,3D打印机使一个可以通过计算机设计在任何地方制造任何东西的世界有希望存在。”根据空格后的判定,空格处缺动词,意为“许诺;有指望”与题意相符,故选M。

29L  本题考查的是动词。句意:“这一愿景正越来越接近现实。”根据空格前的is判定,空格处缺动词,意为“移动”,与题意相符,故选L。

30O  本题考查的是动词。句意:“人类将免于许多肮脏、重复和危险的工作”。根据空格前的will判定,空格处缺动词。意为“免于,使避免”,与题意相符,故选O。

31F  本题考查的是名词。句意:“长期以来这样的工作一直是工厂生活的特征。”根据空格前的a判定,空格处缺名词。意为“特征”,与题意相符,故选F。

32H  本题考查的是副词。句意:“更高的效率不可避免地意味着更少的人能做同样的工作。”根据空格后的means判定,句子不缺少主体成分,空格处缺副词。意为“不可避免地”,与题意相符,故选H。

33A  本题考查的是名词。句意:“然而,许多发达国家的工厂老板担心会缺少熟练的人力工人,并将自动化和机器人视为解决问题的方案。”根据空格前的see判定,空格处缺名词。意为“自动化”,与题意相符,故选A。

34D  本题考查的是形容词。句意:“但经济学家海伦娜·洛伦特(Helena Leurent)表示,制造业的这一快速变化时期是一个极好的机遇,可以让世界变得更美好。”根据空格前的a和空格后的opportunity判定,空格处缺形容词。意为“极好的”,与题意相符,故选D。

35N  本题考查的是动词。句意:“这是一个塑造这一体系的机会,如果我们能够成功做到,将有巨大的意义。”根据空格前的to判定,空格处缺动词。意为“形成,塑造”,与题意相符,故选N。

7 问答题 2分


火锅中,重庆火锅(hotpot)最著名,也最受欢迎。重庆人认为以麻辣 (peppery and hot)著称的火锅是当地特色。人们喜欢围在用木炭(charcoal)、 电热或天然气加热的火锅旁边吃边聊美味和有营养的食物。人们可以选择辣汤、清汤以及鸳鸯(combo)锅底,再将肉片、鱼片、各种豆腐产品和蔬菜加进火锅,之后蘸上特制酱料即可食用。在寒冷的冬天里,吃火锅成为一件惬意十足的事情。

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Chongqing hotpot is the most famous and popular of all hotpots. In the eyes of people in Chongqing, hotpot noted for its peppery and hot taste is a local specialty. People enjoy gathering around a hotpot heated with charcoal, electricity or natural gas and chatting over the delicious and nutritious food. You have a choice of spicy, pure or combo for the soup, into which you may add thin sliced meat, fish, various bean curd products and vegetables, and dip them into a special sauce before eating. It is a very delightful experience to eat hotpot in the cold winter.


1.以…著称:可译为be noted for。noted作形容词,表示“著名的,显著的”,同样的搭配还有be noted as,表示“作为…而著名”。两个词组有区别,使用时需要注意。

2.当地特色:可译为local specialty。specialty可以表示“特产,招牌菜”。

3.选择:可译为have a choice of,表示“有…选择”。也可以用动词choose。



8 问答题 2分



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Celebrities'Words on Weibo

At present, celebrities'Weibo posts have become an important source of releasing information and creating public opinions. Various media are also keen on disseminating opinions expressed by celebrities on their Weibo posts, collaborating to make them become hot issues. As celebrities and public figures have numerous fans and a greater right of say, they should be more obligated than ordinary people to take more responsibilities for the society. When making their remarks on Weibo, celebrities should take a responsible attitude and exercise their freedom of speech with caution.


1.信息发布和舆论制造:可译为release information and create public opinions,其中“舆论”即公众的观点,可译为public opinions。


3.话语权:翻译为right of say,为固定表达,也可译为freedom of speech。

4.以负责任的态度谨慎使用…:翻译为be responsible and careful in using...

9 问答题 2分

裸婚(down-to-earth marriage )是一种新的结婚方式,指的是一对恋人没有房子、没有车、不办婚礼、不度蜜月甚至没有婚戒,只领取结婚证(marriage certificate)的结婚方式。这种形式的结婚最低成本只有9元钱。现代年轻人的生活压力较大,而且强调爱情的独立,必须有房再结婚或者大肆操办婚事的传统在年轻一代中被削弱。许多人都相信裸婚是两个人纯粹爱情的见证。

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As a new way of getting married, down-to-earth marriage means that a couple marries each other by only applying for a marriage certificate without an apartment, a car, a wedding ceremony, a honeymoon, or even a wedding ring. This form of marriage can cost as little as only nine yuan. As young people in modern times live under great pressure and place emphasis on the independence of love, the tradition that “an apartment is a must for marriage” and “wedding ceremony should be held on a grand scale” has weakened among the young generation. Many people believe that a down-to-earth marriage is a testament to the pure love between the couple.


1.裸婚:裸婚是一个新出现的词汇,本没有对应的固定说法,但并不适宜按照字面意思直译naked wedding,因为这样很容易使人联想到“裸体婚礼”。down-to-earth意为“现实的、直接的、朴素的”,更符合“裸婚”的内涵。

2.领取结婚证:这个领取其实是指“申请领取”,故用apply for。

3.最低成本只有:可直译为the lowest cost of…is only...,也可译为cost as little as...,后者更能突出“花得少”这一涵义。

4.必须有:可以理解为“是…的必备条件”,即sth. is a must for...

5.大肆操办:可译为be held on a grand scale。

6.见证:这里译为is a testament to, “见证”这个词的其他译法包括 evidence、proof 或者witness。

10 问答题 2分

茶拥有5000年的历史。传说,神农氏( Shen Nong)喝开水时,几片野树叶子落进壶里开水顿时散发出宜人的香味。他喝了几口,觉得很提神。茶就这样发现了。


今天,茶不仅是一种健康的饮品,而且是中国文化的一个组成部分。越来越多的国际游客一边品茶, 一边了解中国文化。

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  Tea has a history of 5,000 years. One legend goes that when Shen Nong was about to drink some boiled water, a few wild tree leaves fell into the kettle and gave off sweet fragrance.

  He drank a little and found it very refreshing, which led to the discovery of tea.

  Since then, tea became popular in China. Tea gardens appeared everywhere, tea merchants became rich, and expensive and graceful tea set even became a symbol of social status.

  Today, tea is not only a healthy drink but also part of the Chinese culture. More and more international tourists begin to understand the Chinese culture as they drink tea.